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“Monsters of Love”
46.75” x 10”
Sharpie Marker
On display at: Purgatory Sports

Julia Busnardo

Current Bid: $275

Minimum starting bid $100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $500, enter $500 into price field, first bidder to submit $500 bid wins.

I’m Julia Busnardo, I am currently a junior at Animas High School, and have been doing art work since I can remember. With my work, I enjoy using markers and Sharpies rather than color pencils, paints or pencils because I like the look of solid color. They are also more bold than any other material I have used. When I draw I like to use pens or markers right away because you can’t erase, soy have to deal with what you have. That forces me to keep a steadier hand and to enjoy whatever it is I make. I almost never think about what I’m going to draw before I start, so that I create pieces off the top of my head. When drawing, I always start with the entire outline of my work and then go back and color everything in. I do this because coloring is very calming and satisfying, so I basically use my art as coloring pages. Color is a very important part of my art because without color I don’t find things very beautiful. If I am to find interest in something, I want to be drawn to it, and I am most drawn to bright pieces of art.

* Board donated by Lindsey Fuller

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